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What To Do In A Roadside Emergency

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Rush hour gnaws on the nerves of many people, setting them on edge and leaving them prone to making mistakes in the event of an emergency. Handling a roadside emergency, with all the stress heaped on by the pressure of rush hour traffic can be a huge task for anyone.

It is for this reason that many drivers dread breakdowns and flat tires during this time. The trick is to stay calm and engage a number of safety measures. Have a towing service contact number saved in your phone for quick assistance. This piece will attempt to show you what to do when your tire goes out during rush hour.

Safely move out of traffic

First and foremost, you should put your safety before anything else. When you realize that your time has blown out, you should quickly but safely move out of the traffic so as not to impede its flow.

You should put on your turn signal and proceed to move the vehicle to a spot as far away as possible from the moving traffic. This can be a broad shoulder or a parking lot. If no such spot exists within range, you should move to the periphery of furthest lane.

 Alert other road users to your emergency

Once you safely on the shoulder of the road, you should let others know about your emergency. You should turn on the hazard lights so that those in the vicinity can know that there is something wrong with your vehicle. The hazard button – a large button with a big red triangle – usually located in on the central hub within easy reach of both the front passenger and the driver.

 Exit the vehicle safely

Once you determine that you are in a safe spot, exit the car. It is always prudent to leave the car via the side that is not exposed to traffic. This is so that you do not pose a hazard to yourself, the car and the other road users. You should, therefore, climb over the passenger seat and use the door on that side of the car.

Make sure that your car is visible to the other road users

Once you are safely on the side of the road and out of the car, you should ensure that other road users get a heads up about your vehicle’s presence. You can do this by placing traffic cones, triangles, flares or lights. This will let them drive with extra caution as they approach the spot where you have parked. This ensures safety. The signal also alerts other drivers and beckons those who are capable and willing to offer some help.

Call for a roadside assistance service

Once you have made your car visible, you can now call for a roadside assistance service to come and help you with your flat tire if you cannot change it yourself. You should tell them where exactly you are and what kind of emergency signals they should look out for. Stay with your car as you wait for help to arrive.

Be wary towards offers of help from others

If you feel that you are not in a safe place, you should wait inside the car, with the windows drawn up and the doors locked. Is someone approaches to offer any help, politely let them know that you have already called for help and that it is on its way. If you have not been able to place a call for help, you can ask them to make a call for you so that professional help can come.

With these steps in mind, you can safely pull through a roadside emergency and be back on the road again in no time. You may call or text us for roadside emergency assistance